Angela FrancoAngela Marie Franco has a purpose in life to help people become more successful.  She does this by teaching and consulting. Business Owners learn how to find new customers, connect with them through direct marketing strategies and grow their revenues.

Ms. Franco started her career as a graphic designer, and then moved onto agency owner, corporate marketing manager/strategist, copywriter, and business developer. She is dedicated to a green environment and lifestyle, thereby promoting ‘sustainable communications’. Her accomplishments include working in assorted vertical markets – advertising agencies, public relations firms, accounting and professional service firms, entertainment agencies, member organizations, medical life science and pharmaceutical companies, language translation and market research providers, manufacturing companies, non-profits, AV system integrators, construction, real estates, software and new technology manufacturers, private practice medical and dental facilities and retail establishments.

She is the creator and producer of a TV show entitled Entrepreneur Life that airs on all Community Television Stations in the five boroughs and posted on YouTube. Her commercial spots will be presented on “Profiles with Mickey Burns” on MeTV channel 19 Friday evenings at 12:30am, as well as the NYC Media channel 25 at 11:30pm on Saturdays.

Adults and children learn to be successful interacting with new people, through job related interviews and career training through her book The Table Manners Coach and Bonding Through Dining Workshops.

This is Angela’s third year producing marketing seminars for business owners during Marketing Week NYC sponsored by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Her passion is advocating for children and the elderly, thus she has joined the executive board of a non-profit called “Out of the Storm Senior Housing” that helps seniors who outlived their income to have a safe and comfortable home to live in.

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