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Services: Educational seminar to business owners on expanding you business through social media.

At Urban Upbound we believe in helping participants lift themselves out of poverty. In order to achieve this goal, our Theory of Change highlights three important long-term outcomes for our participants: achieving economic security and self-sufficiency, transferring intergenerational wealth, and fostering community revitalization.

Angela presented an educational seminar for business owners in LIC entitled “An Introduction to Social Media Marketing.”  She provided a PowerPoint presentation with live internet links giving valuable insights on what each social channel was for. It was super helpful as an introductory session to social media, especially the Twitter discussion.  She gave a great presentation and she is an excellent speaker, engaging and informative.  –  Diana Delgado, M.A.,  Manager  at Urban Upbound Merchants Association

Services: Brand integration, Corporate Brochure Design and Content, Brochures and Advertisements, Newsletters, Lead Generation, New Business Development, Direct Marketing Mail and Email Campaigns, List Segmentation, Website Content, Social Media Marketing, Event Planning and PowerPoint Presentations.

NYG Green Partners, LLC, offers solutions in cost-effective strategies for buildings over 50,000 square feet to help meet the compliance requirements of the New York City Greener, Greater Buildings legislation including Local Law 87 – Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning and Local Law 84 – Benchmarking. AMF was called in to help this start-up to develop an outreach campaign that validated and branded the company. After pitching a scenario to real estate press, George Crawford was offered a monthly column in the New York Real Estate Journal Green Buildings Edition as an industry expert in his field. These external communications helped propel the company with its team of engineers and lighting specialists to close a large segment of new business.

“Angela was engaged by Green Partners over four years ago to help grow our business by developing marketing strategies to grown our customer base as well as help establish Green Partners as a trusted brand. Over these four years she has actively been involved with the principals of Green Partners in the development and implementation of numerous marketing projects. These projects have included the development of an ongoing Constant Contact campaign which involves sending out monthly published articles to our data base, developing print as well as on-line ads, updating our web site along with our other printed marketing materials and brochures. Over this period of time, Angela has proven and continues to be a dedicated and valuable resource to our company.”  George Crawford, Principal


Services: Branding, Public Relations, Award Creation and Design, Direct Mail and List Generation of Targeted Prospects, Playbill Project Management, Advertisements, Posters, Flyers, Business Development.

VizzaV Events is an event production company that creates celebrity and community Red Carpet Fundraisers. AMF was called in to develop the company brand, expand messaging to local businesses and recruit sponsors. A public relations campaign helped to give visibility to the cause and custom designed flyers and posters were distributed and posted in store windows.  The events continue annually.

“Angela is very knowledgeable and dependable. She is a visionary and out of the box thinker. My business and visibility has grown and she is a pleasure to work with. ” – Joan Jeanne Lamberti, President VizzaV Events


Services: Creative Marketing Plan, Corporate Capabilities Design and Content, Corporate Image Library, Branding, External Communications, Brochures and Advertisements, Lead Generation, New Business Development, Direct Marketing, List Segmentation, Public Relations for Print and Radio, Website Redesign and Content, Email Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Event Planning and PowerPoint Presentations.

The New York Grant Company is an award-winning private consulting firm that specializes in obtaining Economic Incentives such as grants, energy discounts, tax credits, green rebates, and alternative financing for businesses in New York, New Jersey and Across the USA. AMF was called in to redefine the brand as not only a Manhattan service company but a large consultancy servicing clients in other states across the USA and across the globe. A new brand image and more comprehensive communications were created, then a holistic campaign that spanned multiple marketing channels.

“Angela is a fantastic business developer and a creative, pro-active marketing expert. She upgraded all of our materials and took us to a new level of professionalism in communicating our message and core value proposition to our clients and prospects. She opened many doors for us to develop new clients. She is a joy to work with, and we value her work, her positive drive, her enthusiasm, and her integrity enormously.” − Ann Kayman, CEO, New York Grant Company


MaryEllen Romano MD Logo

Services: Public Relations Campaign, Sourcing Targeted Audiences, Sourcing Educational Seminars, Expand Client Base

Dr. Maryellen Romano, MD has a fine gynecology practice in Staten Island for the past 30 years. She hired a Physician Assistant and personally trained her to assist with the needs of her patients. The problem was how to expand the practice with new patients age 18+. AMF was originally called in to “create an ad for the local newspaper.” The marketing strategy involved a public relations campaign that introduced the new PA.  A feature story was written in the Staten Island Advance.  The office also participated in its first health fair at a local hotel where 10,000 people attended.  Since then appointment requests flowed in and the PA schedule is filled with new patients. The next step was for the PA to offer round table discussions at local colleges for females inquiring about health issues so prospects can meet her in person.

When I first opened my private medical practice several decades ago, Angela put together a branding and advertising campaign that helped me build my business. Now in 2010, when I wanted to again increase the number of patients, she provided an excellent PR and trade show campaign that worked fabulously. She is creative and skilled. I trust her and would recommend her to any business owner.” − Dr. Maryellen Romano, MD.


Services: Rebrand, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Brochures, Direct Mail Campaigns – Concept, Design and Content, List Segmentation, Business Development

G3 Translate was a startup company, originally named Gazelle Globalization Group and referred to as the translation arm business unit of the sister company Gazelle Global Research.  The name was too long and did not exemplify the services of the company.  AMF was called in when the company was 8 months old to integrate a new brand with a newly designed logo. An annual marketing campaign in varied media was devised including direct mail invitations to events, cold calling of B and C class leads and articles written for industry publications to explain the complexities of translation services.


Services: Rebrand, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Brochures, Direct Mail Campaigns – Concept, Design and Content, List Segmentation, Business Development.

Gazelle Global Research is a women owned global market research firm that has supplied services to larger market research firms for the past 20 years.  The owners decided to refresh their brand and had a matching logo designed with their new company G3 Translate.  AMF was called in as a marketing agent and business developer to revitalize contacts in the industry and explain and expand service communications. A cheeky direct mail campaign was devised and brand recall increased.



Services: Reallocate parent company and four distinct business units, expand presence to 3rd office in Philadelphia PA, Rebrand, Corporate Communications, Design and Build New Website, Customer Surveys, Brochures, Direct Mail Campaigns, List Acquisition, Event Development, Signage, Lead Generation and Client Conversion, New Business Development,

VCA is a private family owned firm in business now over 35 years.  Their specialty is audio visual systems integration – building board rooms, conference rooms, post production facilities and more.  Design/build projects span the range of $1million and up. AMF was called in as the sole marketing manager to specify and brand specific business units after a boutique company acquisition and expand and define services.

“Angela reported to me as the marketing manager in charge of all marketing communications, print, web site, email marketing, advertising and cooperative funds (including management of her own staff). She unwaveringly met deadlines, strategic goals and objectives, and was able to turn previously missed cooperative marketing opportunities into a reliable source of revenue. I would recommend Angela to anyone wishing to work with a seasoned, savvy marketing professional.” − Jeff Cohen, President of Broadcast Systems, Video Corporation of America (VCA)


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Services: Chief Communicator for 9 offices in North America, Define and brand five distinct business units, Expand presence to first international office in Toronto, Canada, Rebrand, Corporate Communications, Design and Build New Website, Direct Mail Campaigns, List Acquisition, Event Development, Signage, Lead Generation, New Business Development.

Pencom Systems is a privately owned IT recruiting firm that spun off its first IPO during the doc com boom. AMF was called in to rebrand the company, redesign and publish new corporate communications, signage, website rebuild.  While creating new press contacts, AMF got the endorsement of the Canadian Government to allow Pencom to open an office Canada.


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