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Direct Response Marketing PostcardsAmong the many types of marketing techniques used, direct response marketing is not commonly used, yet it is recognized as a very effective form of marketing. It urges the viewer to respond immediately to the ad. Unlike other ads, ads that fall under direct response marketing do not restrict themselves with just gaining recognition and building a reputation, but get to the sole purpose as fast as possible. That is, they encourage the user to buy their product.

These ads have a “call to action” approach which makes the user want to pick up the phone, or go online, and directly call the advertiser in order to buy their product. Just as the name suggests, direct response marketing makes the buyer directly respond to the ad. It is a very simple concept, but it is not commonly preferred by advertisers.

Features of Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response marketing ads are more illustrative and stress about the brand name and the product. Further, they are also very repetitive about the features of their products. Towards the end, they give out a contact number or email to which the buyer can respond to, in order to know about buying the product. These ads provide a detailed description of their product, which is normally not the case with other ads. Including repetition and detailed descriptions, these ads are slightly longer than regular ads. In print and through media, these ads give a discounted price for a few days and urge the viewers to buy the product before the offer ends.

How to Plan a Successful Direct Response Ad Campaign

  • Be honest- You do not want to convince your customers into believing something that is not what your product is about. Building trust will prove beneficial when there are several other products under your brand name that are waiting to be sold.
  • Be clear and crisp- Convey the purpose of your products clearly. Give all the required details that your customer needs to know.
  • Freebies- Who doesn’t love free gifts? Add a free gift to your product and make sure you mention the price of the free gift. People like knowing the value of a product they are receiving freely.
  • Rope in existing users- Honest reviews about your product by existing users is something that will add to the buying quotient.

In addition to these, a successful ad campaign also needs to be something that is catchy and will run in the minds of viewers even long after they have seen the ad. So get creative and unique with your ideas and exhibit them through your ads.

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