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Lead GenerationThe failure of an integrated marketing campaign often lies within the lead generation strategy that has been implemented. Optimizing landing pages, testing content, and all of the other tips that you see today are worthwhile, but lead generation today must go to the next level. Here’s how you can make that happen.

#1 Use Different Offers
Organizations tend to use one basic offer for all leads. The goal is to create a “sales funnel” so that eventually a customer is created. Instead of forcing everyone into just one offer, consider creating a unique offer for each buying stage.

#2 Validate with Evidence
Eventually leads must give an organization personal information. They want to know a company isn’t going to sell their data to the highest bidder. Any security certificates, testimonials, and accreditation that an organization has earned should be included to set the mind of a prospect at ease.

#3 Continue the Journey
When a prospect clicks on a call to action, what should happen? Many would say the lead should go to a home page, a shopping cart, or checkout page. Continue their journey instead by sending leads to a targeted landing page that further reinforces the value proposition that generated the click in the first place. This will enhance the chance of a conversion.

#4 Let the Leads Do the Work
Today’s leads are internet savvy. There’s a good chance they’ve already researched an organization before contacting it. Give these leads the chance to continue with their research with targeted information and links that lets them see real results and feedback. By the time they are done, they may be ready to become a customer.

Above all else, keep testing everything. Refresh content from time to time so it doesn’t feel stale or outdated. When content is so good that people will want to share it with others, then lead generation becomes easy because prospects will create more prospects.

An integrated plan which includes direct marketing, email marketing, and lead generation techniques can give any organization of any size in any industry an opportunity to capture a larger market share. Get started today and we think you’ll agree that direct marketing is far from an old-fashioned practice.

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