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Mobile MarketingMarketers these days are looking forward to more methods of developing their marketing strategies and it has worked most of the time, thanks to digitization. One of the newest and most commonly used methods of marketing is mobile marketing. With the number of smart phone users increasing day by day, mobile marketing has become an easier way of targeting audiences.

How it happens

Mobile marketing is similar to digital marketing. In fact, it can also be included under digital marketing. The idea however is, using the help of digital platforms to advertise and market a product. Have you ever noticed the ads that appear in certain apps and games? Ever wondered why an online shopping website was sending you discounts and coupon codes via SMS? They are all part of mobile marketing.

Pros of Mobile Marketing

  • It is instant: Since most of us are clinging to our mobile phones more tightly than our lives, it is guaranteed that we are always open to notifications. This is advantageous for advertisers since their sole aim is to get the message conveyed as soon as possible.
  • Responses are higher: Attaching a link to your product website or giving out the phone number along with your SMS will make it easy for the buyer to contact the advertiser in order to buy the product.
  • Easy to design: It is a well known fact that designing an ad campaign for desktop browser is harder than doing the same for a mobile platform. Mobile ads are easier to create and it is more preferred because the use of desktops and laptops for browsing has decreased considerably since the increase in the usage of smart phones. Ads that are designed for mobile screen sizes are not only cost cutting but also easy to design.
  • Analyzing success: Analyzing success of the ad campaign is easier. You can track the response of the ads easily and that gives you room to decide if you need to proceed with existing methods of advertising or change your methods.
  • Mobile payment options: They add to the buying quotient. Smart phones and finance options available through the internet make it easier to sell your product. Including a “buy now.” option makes it easier for the audience to understand that your product is available instantly.
  • Apps and Games: One-liners that appear at any part of the screen attract users and increase the chances of advertising your product. They are more likely to view your ad if it is catchy or the offer is too good.

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